Friday, May 16, 2014

Part 3 of 10 - The Whims of Swamp Water

... a poor dry stick given
one more chance by the whims
of swamp water— a bough
that still, after all these years,
could take root,
sprout, branch out, bud—
make of its life a breathing
palace of leaves.

- Mary Oliver, "Crossing the Swamp"

For our third camping trip, we headed to Cederaville State Forest which is adjacent to the largest freshwater swamp in the state, Zekiah Swamp. The park contains the Cedarville Bog, which makes for very interesting and unique ecology that is uncharacteristic of this area.  Spring is a particularly beautiful time to head to this swampy forest because the wildflowers and wildlife really bring the forest to life and, as May Oliver would put it, "make of its life a breathing palace of leaves."

It's not easy hiking though.  The "whims of swamp water" can make it a pretty tough trek through mud and prickly plants. In the end however, it was a beautiful sight to reach Cedarville Pond and watch it glisten in the sun, all covered in lili pads and swamp-life mystery.

Part 3 of 10 - Cedarville State Park

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