Friday, November 30, 2012

Long Island Deconstructed

It is a very eerie experience to see peoples' lives deconstructed and stacked into piles of debris.  

 Piles of sand, pushed inland by the hurricane, continue to blow onto streets and damage property on Long Beach.

Long Island was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, especially the areas close to the ocean, sound, bays and canals.  One month after the hurricane, many areas remain in shambles, with debris lining the streets, structures destroyed,  businesses closed, workers jobless, and residents displaced or without homes.  

What my photos don't show, however, is the bigger picture-  the strength of Long Island, and the unwavering sense of community I witnessed amongst its residents. Since the hurricane, folks on the island have been hard at work, cleaning up the mess Sandy left behind.  As one resident put it, this isn't just debris, this is our pride. And so, Long Island will rebuild and will be strong once again (iA).