Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Window Seat 10A.

It's 4th of July and I am on a flight from California to DC.  As I watch the Bay Area fade into the Central Valley (the forests fading into the desert), I find myself admiring cluster after cluster of identical matchbox homes and circuit-board cities.  I am filled with an odd sense of patriotism- not 4th of July nationalism per se, but a larger, more general feeling of human championship.  

We are a people that build bridges and roads and air planes. We zig-zag across the earth, carving ourselves into the land we insist on taming and domesticating.   We've evolved past being survivalists- we are conquerors.   

Ironically, at 30 thousand feet in the air, I am quickly humbled and reminded of the limits to human enterprise.  As I look down at the Sierra Navadas, I marvel at their awesomeness and how, in one sweeping glance, they stop even the most arrogant sense of human entitlement to survival.  

So here's to a great 4th of July celebration from window seat 10A.  

May our victories always be remembered with humility and may all my future flights be this entertaining.  =)  


  1. nice thoughts to go along with the photos. my only thought was where human enterprise is stopped, bear grylls gets started!

  2. What a brilliant suggestion for a sequel post. All right, tune in next 4th of July to see, "Window seat 10B: Bear Grylls conquers humility!"