Monday, March 3, 2014

Salt Late City

Salt Lake City at night is a fantastic vision - particularly Temple Square.

You can't go far in SLC without coming across monuments celebrating Mormon pioneer history.

Even more fascinating is the decadent state capitol building, filled with murals and symbols telling tales of discovery and Mormon pioneer adventures. 

A statue of Brigham Young, the city's Mormon founder. It reads, "Prophet. Statesman. Pioneer."

As with most pioneer stories in America, there is a dark underlining history of Native American plight and struggles.  As a tourist in SLC, I found it difficult to learn about that side of the state's history. For example, behind the state capitol building is a statue of Massassoit that reads, "Historic Indian Chief of Massachusetts. Friend of the Pilgrim Fathers." That's it. No further information provided about who he was and why he was believed to be a "friend of the pilgrim fathers."

Visual representations of Native American history in SLC are... interesting, to say the least.