Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where have all the black squirrels gone?

In front of my kitchen window grew a lovely tree.  and in that lovely tree lived a family of lovely black squirrels, whom my dog chased and tormented relentlessly at every opportunity.  They'd return the favor by hopping onto my windowsill and taunting Scooter into a barking frenzy.  and so it went until a man with a chainsaw came into our neighborhood last week and cut down my favorite tree.  

 he climbed up to the top with a chainsaw dangling from his waist,

 strapped himself in,

 and began cutting that tree down like he was chopping carrots.

 And that was that. 

 Scooter bids farewell to our favorite tree and all its furry little tenants.  

Oh, Black Squirrel Tree, we hardly knew ye.  May you be processed in peace.   
*Photos taken from my Sprint Blackberry.


  1. Who will speak for the trees!?

  2. Very well documented passing of the tree! It will be missed. You should plant a new one :)